Suggested Tools


My Beloved Wiha strippers have been EOL'd by the manufacturer, try These ones from Knipex.

Crimping Pliers

For most people, most of the time, These ratcheting pliers from Adafruit are good. Beware imitations, not all tools carrying that part # are identical.

Ferrule Crimpers

None of them are spectacular or anything. These Cheapies from BangGood are fine.




Start with square pin headers in a few sizes. They're easy, forgiving, and cover a lot of bases.

As a good starting place, pick up some : 
Molex SL series in .100" Pitch for smallish stuff.
Molex KK series in .156" Pitch for larger stuff

The SL series stuff has both male and female crimp terminals, which can save your bacon in certain circumstances.


www.FerrulesDirect.com - where else? They also have other goodies. Look around. Notice that there are a couple different standards for size/color pairings, buy out of the same standard each time or risk confusion, it's hard to tell the small ones apart by eye.


For benchtop quantities CBAZY and Remington Industries both resell on Amazon, and I've always gotten good products from both. If you want big reels, I've had good luck with bulkwire.com